Hair Trial Preparation

You're planning a wedding - Hurray!


Over fifteen years, I have worked with hundreds of brides and I really look forward to working with you.


I value your time and understand your ever-growing list requires your undivided attention so I honour that.

Please ensure that you schedule your trial date in at least six months in advance of your wedding date. I recommend that you have your trial between three to six months ahead of your big day.  

During busy times such as Summer and bank holidays, trial appointments are very limited. 


In order to get the most from your time with me and to achieve that perfect dream wedding hairstyle, it's really important that you do all the thinking and prep work in advance.


Of course, this is all new to you and it's usually the first time for many brides having their hair styled in this way since their debs. That's okay. Let's work together to create your dream wedding hair.


Preparation is key and the following guidelines will set you up to get the most from your experience and time with me. 

We all have different schedules so the arrangement of your trial appointment is yours alone so please plan well ahead.

Please bear in mind that from May to September appointments become limited due to weddings. 


Hair consultation and trial time is an hour and a half.


The trial is a two-part consultation where we spend time discussing and planning your hair goals and creating your chosen style. 


A trial is a way of experimentation. Together we go through each stage. 

It is great to have inspirational pics that represent your vision. 

We work towards that.


Like your dress, you may fall in love with the first style, or you may want to try various styles before making your final decision, but you will only know if a style is the best suited by trying. The hair trial is just that! I recommend you have your trial done in ample time.  This allows you to take time to reflect on your style and note any minor adjustments or finishing details. Just drop me a note afterward and within a couple of days of your trial. 


I can recommend a top colurist whom I work with in achieving the perfect colour to complement your wedding hairstyle. Please check with me for availability.

If you do color your hair please arrange your appointment at least one week prior or allow more time prior to your hair trial.


This will give a true representation of what your hair will look like on the day. It is perfectly fine to have one month's regrowth.

Allow at least three shampoos between colour and trial appointments. It is best to give your hair time to settle and recover. Any less and your hair may not be suitable to work with.


Please arrive with dry, tangle free and loose hair. 


If you have naturally curly hair please schedule a phone consultation prior to booking your hair trial where I will guide you through the necessary steps for preparation.  


To prepare your hair for your trial appointment it is vital that you do so in advance and a minimum of six hours or on the evening before.


It is imperative that your hair is in optimum condition and suitably prepared for working with. 

The style finish will all depend on the quality of your own hair or extensions for that reason I strongly recommend that you use premium quality hair care shampoos, conditioners, and treatments in the months ahead of your trial and in preparation for your wedding. 

I will work on the current condition of your hair at the time of your trial. The appointment is set out to achieve your desired style and I will be unable to work on or improve the quality of your hair during your trial appointment. 

Hair that is too soft and freshly washed may not be suitable to work with and rescheduling may be the only option. In the event of hair that is not suitably prepared or where rescheduling is the only option, appointments are charged in full. 

Please cleanse, lightly condition and use mousse.  Using good quality products is vital so your hair is in optimum condition for working with.


Use of a strong hold mousse is required to provide a workable base that will support and hold your style. This may be purchased at a pharmacy and is inexpensive.


Once your hair is dry, please do not a use ghd, straightener or a heated styling tool on your hair or in any way or on the hair pieces or extensions that you intend using for your hair trial as this will leave the hair inflexible and unworkable. 


These steps are also relevant for you, your bridesmaids and wedding guests who will be having up styling or dry curl styling on the day.


Please bring a number of images to support your chosen style or choice of hairstyles. We will discuss the style or number of styles in detail and select what will work best with all factors carefully considered. 


If you are still at the planning and consideration stage and are undecided on where to begin with your chosen hair look or theme, your trial time can also be spent planning out your wedding day style and an alternative styling session can be arranged. 


Please indicate this at the time of your booking so both appointments can be planned well in advance. The standard trial rates will apply for all subsequent appointments. 


I work with Bodyworks extensions, a brand that is of premium quality and that I endorse. If your chosen hairstyle requires additional length by extensions I can supply these, by prior consultation. 

As I have no control over the texture and quality of hair extensions presented I can only stand over my work and the lasting hold of the hairstyle carried out with the use of my recommended extensions or that of the same quality. 

Trial appointments can only be carried out on extensions that are suitable for use.  Please ensure that extensions have not been either curled or straightened in advance of your appointment. 


If you wish to supply your own hair extension or hair pieces please arrange to have these with you to use for your hair trial. They should be of a reputable brand, fresh, tangle free and ready to work with and of 100% human premium grade hair.

I am unable to treat, smoothen, prepare or repair any extensions for your appointment.

Please note also that if you do decide to change the extensions used between the time of your hair trial and your wedding, this may result in a different outcome of style on the day. This is due to a change of quantity, texture or quantity that could potentially give a different outcome or result. It is advised to schedule an additional hair trial in this instance.

Only the recommended hair care products should be used on your extensions.  


Is it possible to wear a t-shirt or vest with a neckline and colour similar to your dress? This is not essential but it will serve to provide you with an accurate representation of your final look. 



The time is set out by advance booking. If for some reason you cannot make your appointment or your hair is not suitably prepared you will be charged the full trial consultation fee. 72 hours is required for a change or cancellation of an appointment. 


Please note that once you have received confirmation of your booking you must ensure that you plan to have your hair trial appointment at least three months in advance of your wedding date. If you have a set date in mind or are planning on having your hair trial done for an occasion planning ahead is advisable. Please check availability and plan your appointment as early as possible in advance of your intended date.


If you wish to schedule a number of trial appointments for various events please plan as far ahead as possible. 


A non-refundable booking deposit is required to secure a wedding date booking.


Trial appointments are just that. You are welcome to come and see if we're a good fit. However, they do not guarantee a wedding date booking. Please check your date availability again prior to attending your hair trial.