Salon vs. Professional Stylist

Hair salon vs. professional stylist

If you’ve been toying with the idea of going to your regular hair salon as opposed to availing of a professional stylist, Cathy says there’s a few things you might want to consider: “Hair salons have come a long way in providing all kinds of services including, of course, bridal hair. While you may know someone who does your hair regularly, or you’re thinking about saving some cents on your hair budget, there are a few things to consider.

Your wedding hair has to be constructed well to withstand many hours while looking fresh and feeling comfortable. Specialists also take your colour into consideration, so they’ll style it in such a way that it’ll have an illusion of added fullness and highlights. Also, getting it all into a complete look with a dress isn’t always something you’ll have time to discuss at a salon.

“A professional wedding stylist thinks in advance of your wedding day – outdoor shots, open top car, weather, photographers who want to get those perfect shots. They know exactly what your hair will go through, how to secure it, and what to do in case of any surprises. And don’t forget that once you leave a regular salon, you’re on your own – whereas the professional stylist is there with you until you’re ready to depart for the ceremony.

“On your wedding day, the stylist will arrive at your home or venue and will work alongside the make-up artist, so there’s no need to coordinate appointments. At a salon, you’re more restricted for time, and more often than not, you’ll have to travel there, get your hair done, and then fit in your make-up too. That’s a lot to do on the morning of your wedding, with some extra stress thrown in due to all that extra travel.

“Last but not least, if you have a salon trial, and then book your wedding day hair some weeks or months in advance, there’s a chance the person who did your trial may not be available on your wedding day, whether it’s due to a change of circumstances, or leaving, or even a simple booking error. Seeing a professional stylist assures that it’ll be the same person, or if not – there will be an expertly trained backup stylist available who can replicate your style exactly as you need it.”


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