Trial session

Cathy McNulty – a professional stylist with her own studio, dedicated to making the bride’s hair look absolutely flawless on their most-documented day of all. And, ultimately, it all comes down to one thing: the most important thing about your hair trial is how you FEEL – don’t let anyone talk you into anything that makes you feel less than utterly fabulous, dahling.

Cathy says: “I’m often asked if there’s one most important thing to keep in mind about the hair trial – the answer is, come with an open mind. Even if you do all the preparation, find pictures, ask opinions etc., you may walk out of your appointment with a completely different style that you’ll just love. So do let the stylist make suggestions – it takes only a few minutes to restyle hair for different looks, and there’s no hurry, so you have plenty of time to agree on a perfect style together.”

How to prepare for your wedding hair trial

So when should a hair trial take place? According to Cathy it can really take place any time, but she recommends around six months before the wedding: “The more time you allow the better your hair can be prepared in the run-up to your wedding day – grow a few inches, have a colour update, and also treatments to make it healthy and shiny.

Hair experts are flexible – they can work with you any time, but the one thing they absolutely must know is – what dress are you wearing?

“The hair is meant to compliment the dress; it’s the crowning glory of your look, so there isn’t much point booking a trial if you don’t have your dress yet. Knowing what dress you want isn’t quite enough – we’ve all heard of brides who went to a bridal shop looking for one style, and walked out with something completely different. So it’s best to book once the dress is purchased – make sure to bring photos of it to the appointment, front AND back!”

Cathy says: “While having your dress is essential for a successful trial, the veil style isn’t as important. I’d like to know if you are wearing a veil or not, and we have a trial veil at the studio. Do let the stylist know if you’ve purchased any accessories, or ask for suggestions if you want some but aren’t sure what will work with the style.”


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