Top Wedding Hair Tips

You hair has to endure quite a bit (weather, travel, etc) considering the style has to last a minimum of twelve hours. Consider the nature of your hair. For example if your hair is prone to frizz or naturally curly, choosing a sleek , smooth style may require maintenance throughout the day, so ask for a style that works well with your texture.

If your hair needs cutting, don’t just say it – show it. A “trim” sounds completely different to you and to a stylist. You may mean just the ends, but the stylist thinks it’s four inches. Show them exactly how much you’d like taken off.

You may find that a stylist won’t let you wear the style home after your trial. It’s important to ASK this before your trial, as you may be expecting to wear your hair home. By asking you’ll avoid any disappointment.

For the best experience and to help you make the best decision, schedule your hair and make-up trial on the same day – if at all possible. If not, bring photos of whatever appointment you had before to your next trial.

Book your trial around six months before the wedding, it’ll help you feel confident about the style and ensure you make the right decision. One of the advantages of booking well ahead of your wedding is that you’ll have plenty of time to get your hair colour, condition and wedding day style exactly how you want it.

Any final words of wisdom, Cathy? “You’re investing a lot into your look and into the whole day, and you’ll be photographed all day – you don’t want your hair to let you down. Look fabulous and feel fabulous on your wedding day. Your hair should be a timeless reflection of elegance and the best version of you. In many years’ time, you won’t be looking at photos of your tables as much as photos of yourself on that day.”


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