What we do

How to prepare for your visit 



As the curl Artists, I understand curly hair and appreciate the uniqueness of each curl type. 


Every haircut is customised and tailored per individual.  


The service includes a tailored curl by curl cut followed with a gentle, curl cleanse and a hydrating and nourishing bounce-back conditioning treatment.


All products are selected with love for your specific curl type. 


For curl work, I am based at suite 6, No.9 Eustace St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. 


To book your appointment visit www.thecurartist.ie


Preparing for your cut 


You hair must be tangle free and loose and in it's natural state and completely dry.


Your hair is cut according to how the curls naturally arrange and fall. 


Please avoid tying hair up as this can disturb the curl pattern.  


In order to assist in the product detoxification. 

Please read the full preparation guide in advance. ​



All booking are made directly via The Curl Artist website


Be open to your curls fully expressing themselves!